Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. I'll tech it from here.

If that idea's been tugging at you for as long as it has, that's a good sign: 
a) you're really excited about it, and b) you're stuck.

If you find yourself talking about doing the thing more than doing the thing — and end up feeling overthinky and stagnant


how about this?

You and me. 90 days.


During our time together, we'll: 


Get extra clear

on your vision and what you want happen; your setbacks (aka why haven't you done this yet?); and your plan of attack!


Make it tangible

whether that's your website, your course, or your book draft, your thing is going to become real!

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Go live!

And optionally (and very highly encouraged): celebrate!

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Get your momentum going with weekly check-ins

Instead of tackling all the things, we'll break it down into: okay, what do you want to do this week? 

Tell me what you want to accomplish for the next seven days, and we'll focus on just that.  During the week, feel free send over works in progress for feedback or bring up a roadblock that's keeping you stuck. The following week, I'll hold you accountable, check up on your progress, and join you in setting the coming week's goal.

Before you know it, your to-dos will be tah-done! 


Get productive with virtual co-working sessions

Let's ignore* each other together. For productivity!

Welcome to your virtual coffee shop! Twice a month, we (everyone in the program) get together in a virtual room, sit down for two hours, and get all the work done.

* Except please chime in when you have a question or would like feedback, because that's always welcome!


Get unstuck or learn something new (!) with three 1-on-1 calls

For when you need to get out of your own head.

There's nothing like talking face-to-face with another real-life human being who gets it. Bring coffee, tea, or your beverage of choice, because we've got a nice 60 minutes of online business talk ahead of us!

These happen thrice, once a month for the three months we're working together.

What can we do on these calls?

Here are some ideas:

Riff-off. AKA bounce thoughts and ideas back and forth with each other until they make sense. Or just talk about online business in general, because it's nice to just converse, tbh.

Get feedback on a blog post, sales page, or anything else you've been working on.

Practice your upcoming Facebook Live or webinar on me (instead of an awkward blank wall — I've been there) plus make sure all the tech is working great.

Writer's un-block. If you're stuck on some copy, let's chat about what you want to say, then I'll help you structure and phrase it so you can get what you mean across.

Tech skills co-working session. Let me know what specific thing it is you'd like to learn (e.g. edit a cover photo template on Photoshop, make a basic workbook on Apple Pages, create a sequence on ConvertKit), and I'll walk you through it. We'll be doing it together, so you're learning hands on!

(Other things we can work with: HTML/CSS, Squarespace, Teachable, Keynote, Gumroad... or ask and I might know it!)

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PLUS! Slack support

Slack is a text messaging app (plus plus — it can do much more than text!), so we can keep in touch whenever you have a question or are looking for quick feedback.

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Hey! I'm Mikli. And I'm a project manager.

It's my literal job to make sure your job gets done.

Before that, I was a fledgling business owner who Read All The Things and Wanted to Do All Them All At Once All Right Now Why Am I So Behind. I felt like I had to be on 10 social media platforms, host a webinar, figure out how to host a webinar, get people to watch said webinar, while writing a book, and creating a website, and creating a separate landing page for that book, and blogging, and sending newsletter emails, and networking with people online, and creating a course, and holding workshops and —


I was stressed.

And also got approximately nothing done, aside from getting so tired from freaking out all the time that I needed to lie down and take a nap.

People say dream big — and I did! and I definitely do!! — but it was then that I realized the power of small. I decided to just do what was doable, 'til the doable was done.

You have your big goals. You know them, and are so, so ready to reach them. 

I'm here to help you flesh that out into the small, doable, just-one-at-a-time goals you need to get there. make sure you stay on track, and help you out 1:1 with your writing, tech, or wherever else you're stuck. 

I work with (and de-overwhelm!) online business owners, and together, we launch courses, create masterminds, and keep all the tiny pieces in line so business moves forward.

I love online business, and can't wait to help you with yours!

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But wait!

Let's first make sure we're the right fit.

This [NAME] is a "done with you" type situation.

That is, you have the time to execute things yourself, you just need the clarity and focus to make it happen.

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This is for you if you:

  • Have a project in mind you are 1,000% game to complete (that is, you know the general idea of the thing you want to accomplish in our 90 days together), you just don't know where or how to begin.

  • Are looking for an affordable way to DIY, instead of hiring out for each tech / design / writing thing.

  • Like experimenting, playing, and trying things out to see if they work. We'll be figuring things out together and finding out what works best for you and your project.

  • Are ready to show up, do the work, and finally make progress! And/or are ready to be honest with me when you're stuck so we can work it out and keep you moving forward.

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This is probably not for you if you:

  • Are looking to offload and need someone to do things for you. (I mean, I can help you with that, too, but that's not this.)

  • Run an offline / brick-and-mortar business. 

  • Are looking for a business strategist or a coach. If you are, hang with them first, and I'll be here to help you implement what you guys talk about!

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Reserve your slot here. 

You'll be asked to enter your name, email, and payment details, and... you're in! Once signed up, you'll be led to a dashboard with all the materials + links + next steps you'll need.


Answer a short questionnaire about your project idea + schedule your kickoff call. 

The questionnaire will help me become familiar with you and what you want to accomplish so that when we're on the kickoff call, we can get straight to business!


We begin!

I'll be messaging you about your weekly goals on Mondays + inviting you to our virtual co-working sessions twice a month + letting you know when it's time to schedule our three 1:1 calls + hanging out on Slack.


And you'll be making things happen.
For real for real.


Yes, book it!

or one payment of $591

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+ When do I get access to [NAME]?

You'll have access to the dashboard immediately right after signing up. The program officially begins on January 15, 2017!

+ May I pay in full?

Yeah! If you don't want to think about a monthly recurring invoice, it's $591 in full — the same amount as paying it over 3 months. You'll see the payment option when you sign up.

+ How much personal access do I have to you?

I'm free to respond to your personal Slack messages on weekdays, Philippine time (GMT + 8).

+ What platforms can you help me with?

I'm very familiar with Squarespace, Teachable, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages and Keynote, Gumroad, and I also know some HTML/CSS!

What you need not on the list? Ask me! I just might know it.

+ What if I want to go again?

Before our time together is up, I'll open the doors for the next batch to you first, so you have dibs!


I love the attention to detail and wonderful work Mikli does. I was one of the first people to be like, oh my gosh, please please, take me on as a client, please please. I have now worked with her, and I am not kidding you, it is freaking remarkable. I love the way she thinks, she helps me see things I’ve missed, and she turns out lovely graphics, tech help, and more.
— Regina Anaejionu,
I’m only hesitant to recommend Mikli because I really really don’t want to share her... like really. She is a magician and tbh she runs my business, I just show up and try not to break things. If you need help in your online business, do yourself a favor and get Mikli before I hire her full-time. She has made not just my business but my whole life easier.
— Verick Wayne, Social Ads School
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