Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. I'll tech it from here.

Your landing page is connected to the opt-in form.
The opt-in form's connected to the emails. The emails are connected to your sales page,

♫ and the whole thing's connected to a ... headache ♫

You need a funnel to sell your course on autopilot. What you don’t need is a migraine.

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I'll set up your funnel so you can transition your audience from curious to customer — hands-free!


Because you’re what?

Techin' Care of Business


Get your brain back.

Funnels are a lot of moving tech pieces and figure-out-ness. I’ll take the set-up off your plate and off your mind, so you can focus on doing what you do best: creating and promoting your course.


Scale your impact.

A funnel allows you to scale your course without scaling your effort, so you can reach and teach more people. 30 students? Sure! 100 students? Yup. 1,000? 10,000? Yes and yes.


Have more fun.

Is this a business objective? Maybe not. But it should be! Funnels give you time back that you can use to innovate, create, or step back from your business and play. (I’d say we put the fun back in funnel, but it’s already there!)

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Phases of your Phunnel


Phase 1
get 'em curious

Coming Soon Page

First thing’s first: we’ll put up a coming soon page so you can tease your course and gather emails — even while you’re still in the process of creating All The Content.

Phase 2
get 'em excited

Lead Magnet Things

Next thing’s next: a lead magnet and landing page will help you grow a targeted (aka interested, aka likely to buy) audience, and we’ll get them hungry for your course with a series of nurture emails.

Phase 3
get 'em sold

Launch Time!

Sales page? Check. Payment processor? Check. Enrollment? Onboarding? Students having a great time while you sit back and relax? Check, check, and check.


All in all, the process takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on how much content you already have! So please book at least 1-2 months before your target launch date.


All the packages include tech setup, page design, and testing.
If you need copy, video editing, workbooks, or graphics, please let me know through the form below and I can give you an estimate!



The Works

You’ll get the tech setup and page design for everything in Phases 1-3!
So that’s:

Phase 1:

  • Coming Soon page design
  • Branded email sign up form embedded on the page
  • Automated thank you email sent as soon as they sign up

Phase 2:

  • Opt-in landing page design
  • Branded email sign up form embedded on the page
  • Lead magnet delivery
  • Person all tagged and sorted in your email’s back-end, so you can retarget them when it’s sale time
  • Automated nurture sequence, with the first email sent as soon as they sign up, and the rest sent at predetermined intervals based on the day they registered

Phase 3:

  • Sales page design
  • Payment processor setup
  • Automated enrollment as soon as they pay
  • Tagged in the back-end as a customer of this particular course, so you can send them updates and other relevant offers
  • Automated welcome email as soon as they’re enrolled
  • (Optional) An onboarding series spread over the first few weeks to make sure they’re doing alright

Not having to worry about any of the above


Just a Phase

You’ll get the tech setup and page design for a phase of your choosing!
So that’s:

Pick a phase, any phase!


Get your

Digital Ibuprofen

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She's a bit of a setter-upper ♫

Heya! I’m Mikli. And I’ve spent the last few years helping my clients run their tens-of-thousands-of-students-and-community-members-strong online businesses. I take over the behind-the-scenes work, so you're free to do what you gotta do — nay! What you want to do.

Should we end up working together, you don't just get the clickety clacks of my keyboard. You get someone who believes in your work and loves what you do. I also want you to launch that course and scale what you believe in! That’s what this is about: allowing you to focus on making your impact.

I love puzzles, connecting things, and puns. Which means I’ll tech care of your funnel, so you can take care of business.


hmm whatchasay?


"I remember thinking, 'Can Mikli run my life and all my projects? She's so good!' Haha, I know that's not possible but you really are so smart!"

- Christine Hart

“I love the wonderful work Mikli does. I am not kidding you, it is freaking remarkable. I love the way she thinks, she helps me see things I’ve missed, and she turns out lovely graphics, tech help, and more.”

- Regina Anaejionu

"She is a magician and to be honest, she runs my business. I just show up and try not to break things. If you need help in your online business, do yourself a favor and get Mikli. She has made not just my business but my whole life easier."

- Verick Wayne

"She's good. I think. Mik, what do you do again?"

- Mom


Let's work together!