Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. Let me help.

hey mikli!

I'm ready to take my ideas to the internet and create my own online school

can you set this up and make it happen 'cause i'm ready to launch and go!


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i'm mikli



i'll tech care of that. so you can take care of business.

You don't have time to figure out that webinar setup or landing page integration or course enrollment or freebie delivery or onboarding shenanigans and when to do what and how that connects with aaaaah

But I do. And I love it.

Wherever I am, you'll find me solving puzzles. Give me your goal, your creative constraints*, and time to experiment, and I'll make sure you're all set up to launch or scale your online business!

With time to nap.

* Creative constraints whomst've? Stuff like: your budget, life situation (e.g. kids? 9-5?), deadlines, specific parameters, skill level — that make solving your puzzle fun.



let's work together!


Set Up to Scale

Ready to launch or scale your online course?

I'll set everything up in the back end so you have a beautiful course that just works. Launch confidently to all your new students and grow your business!

See the packages


Panic Button Call

Have a deadline looming and things are not going according to plan Mikli shit shit what do I do?

In this focused 90-minute call, we'll find creative solutions so you can de-panic, get back on track, and, oh, breathe again.


VA Start

Want to work as a Virtual Assistant for online entrepreneurs and influencers?

This 8-week group training program will transform you from face-in-the-"PM me!"-crowd to a total premium superstar OBM.

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I’m only hesitant to recommend Mikli because I really really don’t want to share her... like really. She is a magician and tbh she runs my business, I just show up and try not to break things. She has made not just my business but my whole life easier.
— Verick Wayne, Modern Platform Media
I love the attention to detail and wonderful work Mikli does. I love the way she thinks and she helps me see things I’ve missed. I am not kidding you, it is freaking remarkable. I’m so impressed with her work, always.
— Regina Anaejionu,
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coffee date for introverts


Buy me a coffee for $7 and pick my brain!

Ask for feedback. Get help troubleshooting. Brainstorm your next steps. Give me your online business puzzles and I'll help you figure them out.

Book your coffee date below (don't mind the times; choose any! It doesn't matter) then get your personalized and detailed answers via email or IG DMs within 24 weekday hours!

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