Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. I'll tech it from here.

Hey! I'm Mikli.
I like online business, puzzles, experiments, and puns. What can I tech off your plate today?

I also don’t have pictures of myself — so here’s a weird screenshot of me on a webinar!

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.28.52 PM.png

Growing up, the internet was cool. Now? Okay, yeah, it's still cool. We're running businesses on this thing, and no, mom and dad, no sketchy emails from Nigerian Princes were involved in the making of this entrepreneurial journey.

Just a lot of hard work, sleepless "is it 3am already?"s, and constantly asking if we're doing the right thing (and knowing we're not going to get an answer until we actually Do The Thing and see what happens).

And we do it because we love it.

.... Okay, not all of it. 


If what you want to do is lead your business, be creative, innovate … breathe


what’s holding you back is putting together the pieces that build your vision




started from 23* blogs now we’re here

* that’s a real number; I counted

I cut my tech teeth on LiveJournal. And Xanga. And Blogspot. 6 Tumblrs. And random platforms like what is a Mo’time. And by “cut my tech teeth,” I mean, I learned how to code my blog entries so I could write secret messages to my crushes in the spaces between paragraphs that were invisible unless they were highlighted.

The important stuff.