You'll have:

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We'll go over the big picture and map out all the moving pieces, and we'll create a plan that works specifically for you. Need to work around a 9-5, your kids' nap times, budget constraints, or all the other things you've got going on? We'll make it work.


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We'll define your Commander's Intent: the goal of your goal, so things go according to plan even when things don't go according to plan. I want to get to know you, your business, and the life you're building toward.


3x Monthly Calls

We'll begin with a Plan of Attack Call, where we create your personalized game plan together. And whether it's feedback, a tech walkthrough, or a re-planning of the game plan, our other calls will keep you out of your own head and back on track.


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You will have a me: someone who's invested in you and your project and Makes Sure Things Happen for a living. I'll keep you on track and make sure you stick to the plan, or help you work it out and re-navigate if you're stuck.


Weekly Check-Ins

I'll check in with you once a week. This is when you'll update me about your progress (read: I'll hold you accountable), and we'll set what to do for the following week.


Tech Help

Tech is not gonna hold you back from making this happen. I can help you set things up and integrate the pieces, so a) they do what you want them to do, and b) you can concentrate on the good stuff. 

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Text Support

Share your wins, ask for quick feedback, text a sister good morning from the other side of the world.