Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. I'll tech it from here.

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get a beautiful single-page website
that books clients on autopilot

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You’re offering your services and know you need a website to direct prospective clients to … but you’re also just starting out and don’t have the tens of thousands of dollars (or even one of thousand of dollars) to drop on the full website everyone says you need.

But psst. You don’t need a full website when you’re just starting out.

People just need to know who you are, what you can do for them, and how they can give you money!

So how about a streamlined single-page website, with everything you need to start booking those clients?

A site that you (yourself!) can build on in the future as you grow? But can start doing the heavy lifting for you right now?

Heavy lifting like:

  • Displaying your service details and portfolio so clients clearly know exactly what it is you can do for them and they can find out what they need to find out

  • Answering all the questions prospective clients have anyway, so you’re not emailing or messaging people one by one anymore and thinking from scratch each time. (Or, to quote my sister, “The fewer questions they ask me, the better!”)

  • Having a central HQ you can point people to when they ask what you do (“Ah yes, you can check out my website at…”)

  • Acting like your online calling card, making you look legit and making it easy for people to get in touch with you

  • Making it easy for other people to refer you! (“You should definitely speak with Person. They’re over at website url dot com, and you can book a call with them there!”)

    And oh, right

  • Automatically taking inquiries and booking discovery calls for you while you’re concentrating on work (or napping 🙋🏻) so all you have to do is show up and take their money!


all on one page

get people from curious to interested to booked


how this works


I’ll work on your website design, copy, and all the tech automations to book your  clients for $425.

You get a questionnaire so I can get to know you + your service, then we’ll hop on the phone so I can get a sense of your personality and voice, as well as ask you my questions and get some answers (to fill in any gaps).

Some things to note:

👉🏼 I’m offering just 5 slots for this first round! If there aren’t any slots left on the confirmation page, that means they’re all taken.

👉🏼 Site turnover is an estimated 2 weeks after your interview. One week for the first draft, and another week for tweaks n things.


Your site

… will be a home - services - about - contact - booking page in one!

It’ll be built on Squarespace, an all-in-one easy-to-manage platform which starts at $16/mo. I can get you a 20% discount on your first year if you select the $144 annual plan! And I’ll walk you through everything after turnover so you can maintain and update your site yourself.

The automations

You can choose between two tech automations:


Client books a call from your site (and pays, if it’s a paid call). The call appears on your calendar, and all you have to do is show up and click a link when it’s time.

Or, instead of a call, clients can also book and pay for a class!


Client is led to an inquiry or application form from your site, so you can assess whether or not they’d be a good fit.

If they are, you can send the draft that’s automagically sitting in your Gmail Drafts folder with the details to book a call with you or their next steps. (If they’re booking a call, then as above, the call appears on your calendar, and you just show up and click a link when it’s time!)



let's get your website up and booking!

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step 1. reserve your slot

Use this button to book your call + pay. There are two time slots you can choose from each day, but after you book, that day disappears from the calendar.

Don’t find a time that works for you but still need a website? Email me at and we’ll figure something out.

step 2. check your mail!

Your call confirmation will have a link to a questionnaire. Please answer it at least 2 days before our call so I can do my homework!

The email will also link you to a Client Page you can bookmark with all the next steps, links, and reminders.

step 3. our interview

We’ll hop on a Zoom call for our interview! Just click the link in your confirmation email. (If you’ve never used Zoom before, clicking on the link will also prompt you to download the software. Handy!)

I’ll ask more questions + also ask for anything extra I might need, like access to your accounts so I can hook everything up automagically.

step 4. relax

I’ll get to work creating your site, and I’ll email you my first draft the Friday of the following week. Send back any comments you have, and I’ll send you your finished site one week later!

And in two weeks, you can

step 5. start booking clients on autopilot!



p. s.

here's that get started button one more time!