Running an online business? That's a lot of cardio. I'll tech it from here.

If you've got an idea stuck in your head

— in both the can't-stop-thinking-about-it sense and the how-do-I-make-it-an-actual-thing sense —

let's work together to finally make it a reality!


You'll have:

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Know what to do and when to do it.

I'll help you break everything down into manageable chunks, milestones, and goals that work for you. No more forcing things, feeling overwhelmed, or getting left behind.



Get in the zone, and stay in the zone!

I'll check in with you, keep you on track, and help you figure things out when you're stuck or hit with a curveball.

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Get personal guidance and feedback.

It's tough working in a vacuum and asking questions to The Void. But now! You'll have a real life person to back-and-forth, brainstorm, and strategize with! 


and what? 


diego-ph-249471-unsplash copy.jpg



Offering your services

Writing that book

Building your portfolio

Creating an online course

Opening a new program

Launching a podcast

Starting your blog

Taking your business online


^ Not an exhaustive list. Because the internet is fantastic.

So fantastic that maybe you have 20 courses you've enrolled in, 5 webinars starting in 3 hours, a Dropbox folder full of downloaded workbooks and free ebooks, printables that have never seen a printer, a 5-figure! ... email inbox from all the newsletters you've subscribed to —

It's not that you don't know what to do. You do.

It's just that it's eleventy billion things from eleventy billion and one places.

You're not lazy. You're stressed!



so you can go from Information Overload to Yes I'm Doing It I'm Actually Doing It Hey Wow Yo I Did It Overload!


This one-on-one support is for you if:

  • You want to learn a system to get stuff done in your business. Even when life happens. (And life always happens!)

  • You're ready to invest the time and effort to make this happen. I'll be guiding you and helping you, but I won't be doing things for you — I'll make it so that you can do them for yourself! 

  • You're willing to be flexible. The weather up ahead is unpredictable, but that's cool because we'll be rolling with the punches and mixing metaphors.

  • You're good at what you do, and you know what you want to do, you're just a lil... stuck at getting it (your project) or yourself out there.

  • You know there's no Proven Method™ for guaranteed success, and you're game to try and experiment to find ways that works for you.

  • Your project is online! This service is for internet-based projects and ideas!

Ready to (know what to do to) make it happen?


Get personalized 1:1 planning, accountability, and implementation support. Introductory price is 3 monthly payments of $400 or $1000 in full!




Check out the details below 👇🏼

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We'll begin with a video call.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 3 months + how do we get there?


Monthly Game Plan Calls

Get you a personalized game plan.

You and me and 60 minutes x 3.

We'll play to your strengths and work with your schedule, budget, and situation. At the end of the call, you'll have a Weekly Focus List! <— tasks broken down into their most strategic and doable forms.

"But how about—" "Will there be time to—" "Where do I —" 
Yup, all taken care of.

Then we'll do this again the month after that, and the month after that for a total of 3 calls!



Then I'll message you every week to
make sure you get stuff done.



Stay on track with your progress.

Let me know: how you doin'? 

I'll check in with you once a week via text or email so you can me with how you're doing vis-à-vis our Weekly Focus List. I'll keep you accountable and on track, help you make adjustments, and figure out what to focus on next.


Black smartphone-48px.png

And I'm always a text message away
every step of the way.



Have someone to turn to.

You've got an accountability buddy / sparring partner in me.

Working in a vacuum is hard. I'm not going to dump a plan on you and then leave! For breaking news updates, sharing how things went, celebrating wins, asking questions, and getting feedback, you'll have access to me via a text messaging app during our 3 months together, and I'll respond within the day.


make it real. For real.


Get personalized 1:1 planning, accountability, and implementation support to make your idea an actual real thing that exists in the world!


Sessions begin in April! 4 slots left.
Introductory price is 3 monthly payments of $400 or $1000 in full.


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Hey, it's Mikli!

I'm a project manager for online business owners.

I'm here to make sure that running your online business doesn't feel like so much cardio... even if we're taking lots of steps forward together aaaaay!



People always come up to me and say, hey, you're a project manager! You must be super organized and swimming in systems! Uh, please don't tell them, but... I'm really not. 

I'm just really good at puzzles and naturally ma-diskarte*.

Picture a project: timelined, calendar'd, a true thing of beauty.

And then! Life™ decides it doesn't care for our Asana boards! Tech glitches pop up, contractors back out, days get packed, people get sick, the workload gets seriously underestimated.

As Project Manager, it's on me to always figure out:

"How do I make what needs to happen — happen?" 

^ That's the puzzle. Given constraints X, parameters Y, and unpredictable things Z, Mikli, find a way to make. it. work!

(And since I don't like exerting unnecessary effort, part of the puzzle is constantly an implicit ... and how can I make this as easy as possible to do? Hehe.)

Puzzles for me are about connecting the dots.

And I can connect them for you now, because I've spent my time collecting and creating these dots by launching my own things + working hand in hand with successful and established online entrepreneurs. 

Which means I've gotten my hands dirty:

  • writing and self-publishing a book 
  • working as a virtual assistant
  • planning and launching a virtual summit
  • speaking at a virtual summit (??? !!!)
  • creating websites
  • managing teams
  • working tech and tech support
  • building courses and programs
  • working behind the scenes of 6-figure launches (and going DANG so that's what that looks like)
  • making sure a business is running while the owner is away

Does that look like a jack of all trades situation? Maybe. Yeah.

Which allowed me to really hone my ability to see the big picture, break down its moving parts, and connect them all — to bring Your Thing to life.


Now I'm taking all my experience managing businesses, ventures, and people — 

to help you and your project
take off!


Ready to make it work?

Go from overwhelmed and scrambling to
yes, I got this.


Get 3 months of personalized 1:1 strategic planning, accountability, and implementation support for the introductory price of 3 payments of $400/ $1000 in full. 4 slots left!



resourceful, crafty, street smart

I love the attention to detail and wonderful work Mikli does. I was one of the first people to be like, oh my gosh, please please, take me on as a client, please please. I have now worked with her, and I am not kidding you, it is freaking remarkable. I love the way she thinks, she helps me see things I’ve missed, and she turns out lovely graphics, tech help, and more.
— Regina Anaejionu,
I’m only hesitant to recommend Mikli because I really really don’t want to share her... like really. She is a magician and tbh she runs my business, I just show up and try not to break things. If you need help in your online business, do yourself a favor and get Mikli before I hire her full-time. She has made not just my business but my whole life easier.
— Verick Wayne, Modern Platform Media

Frequently asked questions


When does this start?

Sessions begin in April 2018 onwards. When you sign up, I'll send you a link to schedule your first Game Plan Call, and we'll go from there!

I'm not ready to begin right now. Can I book for another month?

Yup! When you sign up, send me an email and I can defer your start date to May. Right now, we can only defer by one month at a time!


What if I don't need the full 3 months?

3 months is a solid timeframe for going from 0 to launch to setting yourself up for follow-through.

But if you'd like to book just the Game Plan Call, a 90-minute session (with the option to add 2 weeks of accountability) is this way!

Will my idea work with this service?

If you're unsure about whether your project falls within the scope of this service, feel free to shoot me a message or ask me questions here!


What's your refund policy? 

I want things as fair as possible for both of us!

Should you decide to opt out before your first call, you get 100% of your money back.

Afterwards, you can request a refund within 2 weeks following your first call. In which case, I'll return:

  1. The equivalent of 2 monthly payments if you did the payment plan
  2. 66% if you paid in full

What if I need more calls! Once a month isn't enough.

Sometimes business knots get really knotty! You'll have the option to book additional 1:1 calls with me when you need extra support.