Hey Mikli, can I get feedback on / ask you about / have an hour of your time...?


Yeah, let's do it! Here are two ways that you can

Borrow my brain!

Game Plan Call

90 minutes
We'll take your overloaded brain or to-do list and come up with a Weekly Focus List, so you know what to focus on — and what to ignore!

Pick My Brain

20 minutes
Ask questions, get feedback, "how do I do this on Squarespace/ConvertKit/Teachable...?", or just call to say hi from the other side of the world!


Psst. Need more SUPPORT?

You can also work with me one-on-one for 3 months to get your idea out there. Project Takeoff comes with personalized strategic planning, accountability, and text messaging support to help you move forward and get it done!


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