Status Report: 

  • It’s Thursday of Week 3 of FTE (Full-Time Entrepreneurship).

  • Writing this inside a car… again. I’m waiting for my son to get out from class. I’m still in the car because I arrived half an hour early. To snag a parking slot. 

    • I was victorious.

  • Aaaaand now it’s Friday.

  • I’m on Anchor! It’s like Snapchat for audio, for informal or mini-podcast things where I can make my voice disappear after a day. I hope to record at the parking lot (again) later, if I don’t completely chicken out. 

    • Follow me here at anchor.fm/mikli

    • And if you’re making your own please let me know! These are so fun to listen to.

    • Update: I completely chickened out. I was at the parking lot, finger over the record button and…. and ended up recording in the bathroom when I got home. Hahaha.

    • Here’s episode 1: “I’m overthinking this.”

Now Reading: Grit by Angela Duckworth

Choice excerpt: 

"Apparently, it was critically important -- and not at all easy -- to keep going after failure: ‘Some people are great when things are going well, but they fall apart when things aren't.'" 

I should be an Amazon associate but I am not but here I am highly recommending this book because I feel like yes wow ok I just need to weather the storm go go go I can do this I am a strong resilient and persistent individual who will keep on trucking until I achieve

I am not a fully gritty individual, I don’t think. There’s a lot of negative self-talk to unlearn. 

But I am pretty proud of myself. 

To get to where I am right now — chronicling this venture into online entrepreneurship from my bed at 3:20pm, on a weekday afternoon — took a lot of stubbornness. It was one “Oh this isn’t working.” “Eek, neither is this.” “Okay, this sucked.” “Okay, now what do I do?” after the other. But I kept going, because I really really wanted to be working in my pajamas, to pick up my kid from school, and to make money while being in said pajamas and picking my kid up from school. (Two different things. I wish I could pick him up while in my pajamas.) 

And I didn’t stop until that became true.


I got it!

… I don’t got it.

See: couple nights ago, I had a coffee at 9pm, and I felt so alive. I was checking off my to-do list with wild abandon, getting texts from clients asking what I was doing up, even fixing my lil bullet journal, because, ooh, I got time!

I thought I found it. My perfect set-up. I’ll just wake up late the next morning and do brainless tasks during the midday stretch my son is in school. 

That was the most productive I’d been in a while, working way ’til almost 5am. It was perfect: the rare moment of uninterrupted quiet time and I was in The Zone.

Until the next day, when I became a zombie, because I was running on less than three hours of sleep, but couldn’t sleep because I felt like I was constantly running after everything. And the day after that where I was crabby all the time because I didn’t have the energy to deal, but I couldn’t stop because there were so many all the wait one more another deadline eek all the things.


But I will say, giving myself a, girl, you know what, just nap did wonders. I woke up feeling, oh, I’m a functioning human again.

Noted: still iterating my Ideal Body Clock, then.

Friday night

My son is miraculously asleep 4 hours earlier than normal. Before a weekend.

It's so early.

I have time to myself during regular person hours.

What a strange phenomenon.


Aaaaand it’s Saturday.