Writing every day for a week-ish.

It began with stress.

As you do.

A month ago, I decided to transition from being a Virtual Assistant to being... I don't know, a something else. A whatever-it-was that allowed me more time to be with my son, do what I enjoyed and was good at, and tbh, have fewer meltdowns at the thought of my inbox.

So I decided to write daily(ish) about the transition and my thought processes, and it lasted for a week(ish), until I felt clear enough to double down and work on something.

Business model update: Project Takeoff is here!

I'm still figuring out how to talk about it, but It This 👇🏼

You + Me + 3 months to make your next online project happen.
Check out the page for more details!

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Here are the entries. (Click through to read the originals on Medium.)

Quitting to Begin.

It was the best of plans, it was the worst of plans.

What do bars and the online business world have in common?

List down what you're good at. And a sneak peek.

Stuck? Do the opposite of what you're doing.

Doing nothing on purpose

Not-exactly news flash: Consistency is hard

Ready when you're ready.

I don't have a freebie to offer you,
but I do have more stories.

I wrote the above because I see a lot of "before and after" stories — but rarely any durings.

What are you thinking? Why are you making the decisions that you're making? What experiments are you up to and how are they working for you?

If you'd like very informal, pressure-free (okay, that's more for me) stories of working in online business, may I have your email address so I can send them to you? HAHA.

I promise I won't spam, as there's no way for me to write often enough to spam. I'll also share about some of my projects with you, yeah? :)